Charlene Long
Mixed media Artwork

Charlene Long




Charlene has arrived at the career of mixed media artist by an unusual route - corporate marketer, interior decorator, teacher. Today Charlene concentrates on painting and finds inspiration through her travels. 

Her self directed art education has included studies  at Emily Carr University as well as mentoring by individual Vancouver artists.  She has studied artists' work throughout Europe and continues to travel for inspiration.  All this has provided a foundation for her unique style

Her use of multiple mediums and vibrant colours are evident throughout her work.  Charlene paints at Saltwater Studio on Granville Island.


Artist Statement

I paint in mixed media because it allows me to combine realism and abstract, which I believe reflects the world we inhabit.  I am influenced by architecture and urbanity, but increasingly am interested in the natural world and the opportunities for exploration.

I find the possibiities in mixed media are endless for expressing emotions and thoughts - rust, patina, spackle, crackle - all can find their way into a painting and each evokes a different feeling.  The transformation from blank canvas to a finished work is a winding road; some paintings are finished relatively quickly while others demand rest and contemplation.  I often work on several paintings concurrently, rather than rush through and complete each one consecutively.  This allows time to reconsider and sometimes change direction.

The process of painting represents the opportunity to express myself through visual means.